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Will Google Search replace Concierge Services? – airport transportation, welcome services, pet care, personal and corporate assistance

Will Google Search replace Concierge Services?

Michael Jones, Chief Technologist for Google Maps, Earth, and Local Search, talked about the comparisons and contrasts between online local search and the concierge business.

Concierge Association since 1929

Concierge Association since 1929

Concierges have been a professional society since 1929 in Europe, and since the late 1970s in the U.S.

There are some parallels between what a concierge might do and what computers could do.” Michael said, describing the qualities of a good concierge and how local search attempts to parallel that criteria.

Advantages of a professional concierge over Google’s Local search

While more seasoned travelers and users overall are flocking to local search for tips, Michael admits that Google is not nearly as good as the service a local professional concierge could provide.

As an industry, both from the provider side, from the user-satisfaction side, and from the optimization side, we’re weak in a lot of these areas.” said Michael. By comparison to professional concierges, Michael characterizes the current state of local search along personalization and customization as “pretty poor.”

Human concierges get a feel for what you mean, over what a computer interface can only do minimally with spelling.

Some of those advantage of good Concierges Services:

  • They have good connections. A good concierge service can make quality reservations on short notice.
  • They have special tips and deals with other businesses – that can include unique restaurants, shops, attractions and events.
  • They can create memorable total-trip experiences (not just individual components thrown together) that can instill service oriented  loyalty, making guests who return use the Concierge services or recommend it to others.
  • Good concierge services have connections
  • They can fill areas that have a lack of user-generated content online.
  • They can provide honest expertise over the noise of the online crowd. There have been many cases online of competitors giving false “bad reviews” to each other.  A concierge service can provide much better reliability when the noise of user-generated content reviews gets to be too much, especially when its overridden with bad spam reviews.

This would make the argument that local search isn’t always a proper substitute over a concierges’ own expertise and long-term industry experience, and “human empathy.” (Human empathy would be extremely difficult for a computer even with artificial intelligence to properly duplicate). Concierges services are trained at hospitality management institutions, and know how to handle guests needs on an emotional level. The concierge can get something contextual and semantically with the request – and that goes well beyond what the digital keyboard can provide.

As an industry, both from the provider side, from the user-satisfaction side, and from the optimization side, we’re weak in a lot of these areas.” concedes Michael. “We don’t expect that Google is in the service area to compete with the human interaction, yet it will provide additional support highly recommended that Concierge Services stay on top of, else the guest who may be researching the local information sources will better informed than the Concierge Service provider about activities, happenings and recommendations“.


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