Warm Wishes for the Holidays

European American Business Club Holiday PartyAt Amelia Concierges we have been busy for weeks homes, putting up Christmas trees… and going to parties, -one day we actually had three parties to attend.  The plan was to settle in for a quiet weekend, or so we thought.

Saturday started with a call to show homes on the Mainland.  This couple will be getting married soon and are looking for their first home.  They found Amelia Walk, just off Amelia Concourse, to be their favorite location.

The afternoon was filled with showing six homes on the Island.  This buyer is looking for fixer uppers to buy, fix up, and rent.  I sold her a home on Amelia Island about a year ago.  She and a friend have totally remodeled their home and it is warm and inviting.  She has friends that plan to buy a home on Amelia Island in the near future.

There was a new customer request for home monitoring for an extended period of time, and we had worked out the details, it was off to a networking Christmas gathering of the European American Business Club here on island. The Club is celebrating its One Year Anniversary next month and already has more than 100 members on its roster.  At this party we learned about a Christmas concert being held at Amelia Baptist Church tonight, so we decided to go.  The combined choirs of nine local churches presented “The Joy of Christmas”.  The talent and the music were glorious.  We learned that this is an annual event, and would highly recommend it for future years.  The Christmas spirit is alive and well.

Happy Holidays and Thank You for a great year


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