Rotary Sunrise introduces Amelia Challenge

A new form of fundraiserAmelia Island’s ROTARY CLUB – SUNRISE designed and developed and successfully executed AC2010, a fun charity fundraiser with annual staying power. The lively community event pitted teams of four against each other in various physical and mental challenges.

Fernandina Beach, October 23.

Early in the morning volunteers assembled at the Atlantic Recreation Center to set up for AC2010, the First Annual Signature Event of the Rotary Club Amelia Island Sunrise.
Before 9am, eighteen competitive teams had registered for the event, including an impromptu Amelia Concierges Team. Everyone was ready to battle for their favorite charity; teams like the Beach Bum Bankers, Team Stanimal, Killerwatts, The Baptist Shockers, Energy Dream Team, just to mention a few. After a final instruction briefing by Mollie Garrett the teams were ready to go.

The Challenges started with a blind folded ball toss under the direction of Vic Buscaino and seven judges. It continued with 2 members of each team going for the first of four 10 minute bike and walk/run races. Teams were excited and cheered each other on with the arrival of each racer at the finishing line. The competition corral got very quiet as the 18 teams were working on solving the 20 question trivia challenge. Teams had 10 minutes to complete this before the judges would bring the paperwork to the score keepers, who graded the challenges and updated the official score board. On it went with the next 10 minute bike, run/walk race followed by the math/logic questions.

There was a lot of excitement with each challenge and all teams worked closely together, which was very apparent at the 3 legged race and the final challenge the AC2010 jigsaw puzzle. Even when the first three finishing teams were announced other teams stayed to finish their puzzle before going to the lunch treat, provided by Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q.

The winners of the inaugural AC2010 were:

First Place Big Brother Big Sisters,

Second Place Beach Bum Bankers, and

Third Place Fernandina Beach Rotary Club.

The real winners however were the charities that benefited from team registration and the generosity of the sponsors. As Art Shuster pointedly stated, “What more could be said about this event that demonstrated the concept by incorporating the teams and volunteers into a seamless, fun event than the AC2010 tagline, ‘It’s All About Teamwork!'”.

Made possible through the generous donations of title Sponsor Baptist Medical Center Nassau, the gold sponsors such as: First Coast Community Bank and Florida Public Utilities, all the teams and everyone who worked so hard to make this a successful event. As Jim Mayo, Baptist Medical Center Administrator, wrote, “I was proud for the hospital to be associated with the Amelia Challenge and look forward to having the opportunity to do the same next year”.

For complete line-up, more updates and photos about this year’s Amelia Challenge visit the official website.


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