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How to Clean Green – airport transportation, welcome services, pet care, personal and corporate assistance

How to Clean Green

Pumice stone. A natural way of cleaning

Pummice stone. A natural way of cleaning

When I walk into my home it smells like the great outdoors, clean and fresh. How you might ask? Amelia Concierge’s house cleaning crew uses all green products from top to bottom. The best kept green secret is the pummy. You can buy it at your favorite grocery store. Wet it in a plastic bag, put on your cleaning gloves, and rub it around the stained ring in your toilet, and watch the stain vanish before your eyes. Nothing works this well and keeps your stool ring away for so long.

Contact Amelia Concierges for a green home cleaning today. Your home will be exceptionally clean. It will smell fresh like all natural lavender, mint, extracts and oils. Having your home green cleaned causes less of an impact on your family’s health and the environment. Green cleaners are non-toxic, chemical free, natural, organic, biodegradable, and safe around your pets and children. Choose the natural way to clean–green


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