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Getting Ready for the Holidays – airport transportation, welcome services, pet care, personal and corporate assistance

Getting Ready for the Holidays

Ready for us to decorate yur home?Fall is entering our airspace and the holidays are quickly approaching now that Halloween is past and holiday decorations have been in the stores for weeks.  Are you getting ready, or better yet, is the mood of ??

If not contact Amelia Concierges to decorate your home.  Let us adorn your front door with Wreaths of Fall colored leaves and highlights of fruit, nuts, and hand made bows.  We will get into the attic or storage for you and retrieve your Thanksgiving decorations, turkeys, pilgrims, Indians, and arrangements.  If your decorations need to be replaced, just let us know and we will be glad to shop for you, and have your home ready for your Thanksgiving guests.  Contact us early to schedule Thanksgiving grocery shopping, food preparation assistance, and serving.

Stay tuned for Christmas holiday decorating tips. We are now taking reservations to decorate your home for Christmas, purchase and trim your tree, hang your lights and outdoor decorations.


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